Mike Davies - Brum Radio 


Another local artists to have risen from the ashes of Pledge Music’s collapse, JAYNE POWELL releases her new album, One Day Sometime this month, the title track leading things off with slow chugging percussive backing to a bluesy folk-inflected, gradually building ballad before things get rockier and musically raspier with the staccato percussive drive of Bad Days, giving way to another march beat big building ballad in Any Help.
Wilderness is a bluesier measured lope with bass guitar throbs in contrast to the following pared back acoustic and guitar chime of the vocally vulnerable Take A Look. It’s back to the blues for the sensual Hard Way with its rhythmic Latin-tinged sway, changing tack again with the growly, distorted psychrock prowling Stay The Same where PJ Harvey echoes add to the somewhat ominous mood.
Shades of the Velvets colour the narcotic riff of the sleepy-lidded sung Vapour Trails, a particular album stand out, before things close up with, first the propulsive driving, rocking country tinges of Don’t Wanna (Go It Alone) and the six minute Zep-riffage closer Never Hear, its heavy sludge giving way mid-section to an acoustic bridge before returning to a weltering feedback finale.
A gifted songwriter with a striking voice and an ear for complex yet nuanced melodies, she’s been under the radar too long, hopefully this will bring her the wider attention she truly deserves.

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James Binning - Music Reviewer & Druidspear


One Day Sometime by Jayne Powell (2019). Insight, authority, heartache, history. These are all elements I can bring to my observations of this CD as are they elements within the music contained. Jayne has created an almighty collection. Each track is unique unto itself and the ground covered includes folk, rock, blues, pop, bossa nova and guitar terrorism a la Sonic Youth! It is all delivered with a passion that displays her all-enveloping love of music. All of this is before I even get to the voice. As I listened I heard little echoes of this singer and that but was always steered back to her own unique brilliance. Suddenly I thought that the only real comparison was Jeff Buckley. She is in that league. The CD package beautifully compliments the music and was all designed by Jayne herself. What a Star. The band works perfectly with her and truly out of this world keyboard sounds thread their way throughout the album. I am honoured to have shared musical colours and experiences with Jayne and who knows?